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How to I get my Ex to get my name off his mortgage?

Rolla, MO |

We bought a mobile home in 1997 - divorced in 1999 and ex was awarded the house and ordered to refinance or sell to have my name removed from the loan. It's been 11 years now and he still has not done it because it will cost him money - either up front or with more interest, etc. He has no intentions of removing my name and told me to take him back to court that they can't force him to do anything. He claims the lenders won't refinance a mobile home over 10 years old... but he's had 11 years to do this. It was only 2 years old when we divorced.

If I take him to court for contempt - what can the Judge force him to do? If he can't refinance for whatever reason... am I just stuck? I can't buy a car or a home of my own do to his house being included in my debt to income ration. Help!

Found out my attorney is now working for ex's attorney's firm... as is the divorce Judge as well. Due to a conflict of interest we would both have to get new attornies and a new judge appointed. Is it worth thousands of dollars and a year or two of stress to go back to court - if he can't refinance for whatever reason, how can the courts force him? Seems to me they can't and he gets away with this... and I'm stuck with it on my credit - his late payments in all.

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I am a California attorney. You probably need to see your divorce attorney and haul your ex back to court to enforce this order.

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