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How to I get a divorce in ct with little or no cost involved?

Bridgeport, CT |
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The least expensive way to get divorced is to do it yourself.

If you were considering a home improvement project, you might find that the do it yourself approach is cheaper, but you would have to consider whether you were competent to do the work. Otherwise, there are dangers. This is also true of divorce.

If you are economizing because you have little or no assets, DIY may be appropriate. Beware proceeding against a person with an attorney, she or he will have an advantage. If there is debt to split, a lawyer may again be necessary and will always be helpful. It would be a good idea to consult with an attorney before filing the final agreement and going to judgment. Have the lawyer review the paperwork. The lawyer can confirm that you understand the agreement and the consequences of the wording.

There are people who will help in the Court Services office in most Superior Courthouses.

Here are two links to publications from the Connecticut Judicial Branch that may help.

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Most courts have forms online and a person at the court who will assist you in completing the forms and you can usually ask for a fee waiver of court fees if you can't afford them. Lawyers will give a first consultation for free and may be able to help you if you can't afford to hire them. Many do pro bono work. Call your state bar or county bar association and ask for a list of attorneys who do pro bono work or for the name of a local legal aide society.
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