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How to i begin to file for divorce in Lucas County Ohio (toledo), i dont have the extra money to pay for a lawyer (3 kids)

Toledo, OH |

I am a mother of three children, in Lucas COunty and want to file for divorce from my husband of 4 years, i want to collect alimony and childsupport. Do i need a lawyer, because i honestly cannot afford one. How do i begin , where do i start???

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You can start by speaking with the folks in legal aid. They might be able to help. If not, I would start doing a bunch of research online. Divorces with kids are often complex. I will tell you right now that unless your are somehow disabled and cannot work at all, getting alimony is going to be nearly impossible for you as your marriage has lasted only 4 years. While you can file all the necessary forms yourself (including the child support forms) you are taking a huge chance of messing up and forfeiting your rights. This is probably one of the most important things in your life and I encourage you to take it seriously by getting professional counsel. While lawyers can often be pricey, many will accept credit cards or work with you on a reasonable payment plan. Unless you have no assets and don't care which parent your kids end up living with, you really need a lawyer. That goes double if your husband gets one.