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How to handle a (seemingly lost for approx. 4 years) Failure to Appear for Delaying/Obstruction of a Peace Officer out of state?

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Informed the court before appearance date that they were moving out of state. Court said no record of defendant, probably a paperwork issue, just call back on date. On the day of court, called in the morning and was told they had no record of defendant. Same answer was given on several different calls (before and after date). Charge does not show up in online court searches or any background checks tested (arrest does). While paying a (different) ticket, defendant entered the Citation number into the system and found there was a bench warrant on the case. There is still no record by name when calling court or searching court records online.

What is defendant dealing with? How did it happen? Likelihood of returning to CA? Probable punishment? Already seeking representation to quash/defend.

Thank you to both responders so far. I apologize if the question was confusing, there is a character limit and I may have complicated things through omission. As posted in the initial question, lawyers are already being contacted. Was just wondering why it was so difficult to find, and if there were any ways to deal with it beyond seeking representation.

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From what I could understand it appears that there is a warrant for a misdemeanor or felony that needs to be dealt with from 4 years ago. You need an attorney to handle this and take appropriate steps.



Correct. A bench warrant for a misdemeanor. Attorneys are already being contacted. Thank you for your answer.


I agree with Andrew. The reason why the information is not showing up in your searches is not the important part. The important part is that there is a warrant for his arrest and it is not something that will go away without dealing with it. It is likely that a lawyer will be easily able to find out what is going on and address it rather quickly. I suggest you contact a lawyer and see about getting some help.

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I agree, it just adds another layer of confusion and stress to an already unfortunate situation - one that the defendant tried to deal with legitimately. Lawyers are currently being contacted. Thank you for your response.