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How to get tenant out.. filed evection, she wants a hearing.. filed a motion to take back ownership of property. Can she stop

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this motion. it's been 2 months and no monies. $450 includes elect cable fully furnished. She has increased the bill by 75.00 and still has all christmas lights on,, I need her out by the 31st.. (If I cut her cable and electric off on the 1st. what will happen to me as a landlord?)
She's calling my work. calling me f c around my house. help

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If you turn off electric service you can be sued for three months rent as a penalty under Fla. Stat. 83.67. Do you have an attorney in this case? If not, it sounds like your eviction has hit a snag and you may need an attorney. Most residential evictions are fairly simple but when there is a problem you should consult an attorney. If the tenant has an attorney and you lose the eviction you will probably have to pay their attorney fees.

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i don't know what do to.. I was so nice to her.. She has felonies on probation too..

Dennis Andrew Chen

Dennis Andrew Chen


Contact an attorney. Email me at dennis @


You have to procceed with the FL statues and processes for eviction.

Cut off cable and electric and you will DEFINATELY be in violation of FL laws and may be sued. In many states such an act is a crime.

If tenant is harassing you contact police.

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I think it is time you got an experience trial lawyer to help you. As the other attorneys have advised, you cannot cut off electricity or take matters into your own hands. You must follow Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes.

Lawrence J. Marraffino
Gainesville Florida Landlord Tenant Lawyer
Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

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