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How to get off parole early, if possible. I have been on parole seen 1999. Please give me some options!

San Antonio, TX |

I was charge with possession with intent (meth) in 1990. The case was tried in Georgetown. I received a life sentence and served nine (9) year. Since my release, I have not violated the terms of my parole and have been a productive member of society. What option or options do I have? Looking at what the courts are charging people with today…. They are doing very little time, please advice what my options are.
Thank You

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If you served a state prison sentence from 1990 to 1999 and have been on parole since then without violations that means you have done 10 years parole so far. Although this would be excessive in CA where I practice it depends on your state's laws. You should consult a TX prisoner's rights attorney for help.


I agree with my collegue.