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How to get my car out of impound earlier than 30 day hold

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my boyfriend was driving my car without his license and my car was impounded the car is registered to me but police told me i cannot get it back until he shows he has a valid license which he is unable to get due to unpaid tickets. i do not have $1800 to wait 30 days is there anyway around this so i can get my car out?

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Yes, there is another way around. If you go to the tow yard with proof that you are insured and licensed, and the car is registered to you, and there is no investigative hold on it by the police, and you had nothing to do with this, then they have to release the car to you as the registered owner. There are some cases, such as where someone was injured, etc., where the car can still be held. You haven't posted those details. Frankly, the police are just wrong in saying you cannot get the car until your boyfriend has a license. Were you also in the car? Did you know he didn't have a license? Were there some priors? Is there some connection I am missing?


Yes Gerald what you are missing is that she gave the car to her unlicensed boyfriend to drive. That means there will be a police hold on it and she won't get it back until the case is over. Whoever told her until the boyfriend gets a license is wrong but that doesn't mean she's getting out of this one for free.


Sometimes it is possible to get the hold on the car released sooner. You must contact the police agency that impounded the car and ask them what they require to give you a release slip. Because of the fact that the car is registered to you they might give one. You will still have to pay impound fees. Good luck.


I would have a lawyer speak to the police about releasing the hold on it. As long as you are licensed and have insurance they can give it back to you.

Sometimes the police will keep the vehicle in impound if the registered owener KNEW that the person they gave car to did not have a valid license. Regardless, a skillful attorney shold be able to get it out. Also, you are entitled to a hearing (usually with the clerk of the court) regarding the impound. I would consult with an attorney however.



But called chp office and told they cannot realse unitl 30 days period

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