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How to get into law enforcement with a juvenile criminal record?

Fowler, CA |

When I was 17, I was arrested in school and caught with a brass knuckle concealed inside my shoe. I was sentenced to one year probation along with other conditions. I was charged with a misdemeanor for the weapon only.

The problem with the story above is that it was during a gang disruption. I was not an active member, only associated. I was booked as a Sureno gang associate

7 years have passed. I graduated from court school. I went to college. I graduated from my state university with a Bachelors in Criminology with a 3.34 GPA.

I have applied for several positions. Yet, I have always have better luck with the federal government. Yet, they have disqualified once before due to the above event in high school.
What can I do? How can I mitigate my juvenile criminal record?

I never gotten my case seal or expunge, since I know I have to sign to make my information available to any agency. In addition, they require that I provide all information.

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You should immediately pursue all statutory relief that is available to you especially if your juvenile record is eligible for sealing. Are you POST-certified? There are any number of working police officers in CA with juvenile records, so it may be that your prior record is not the reason (or the only reason) for the difficulty. Order up a copy of your FBI NCIC report thru the FBI web-site and then sit down with an experienced CA criminal defense attorney to figure out a plan to rehab your record.

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Contact an experienced attorney or the public defender's office in the county where you received the juvenile adjudications. They should be able to assist you with an application to seal your juvenile record. You may also find some helpful information at your local law library, public library, legal bookstore, or this link:


Your juvenile record should be sealed. The other attorneys' responses are excellent.