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Hello, my name is Tiffany Holmes and right now I'm trying to enlist into the military, but 5 years ago when I was about 15yrs old I was arrested for possession with intent to sell in school, and I just graduated from high school this year and I really want to join the Navy to better my life, but I was told by a recruiter that I had to get my juvenile felony dropped down to a misdemeanor or get it completely taken off. I have had some free consultation's with lawyers and I was told that I can put in a motion for being questioned while under age and without a parent being there, and a motion to see if I can get my felony charge dropped down to a misdemeanor. If there is someone who is reading this I really need help with this I can't afford a lawyer and my father was laid off from his job

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I suggest you go to the local Bar association and ask if they have a volunteer lawyer section that can help you.

I don't practice in your state, but I suspect that since you were 15 at the time, your record should be automatically sealed or expunged upon reaching majority.


many attorneys do pro bono work, but it may take quite a few phone calls to find the person willing to take your case. You may want to approach an attorney that you are not looking for a totally free ride, but need some help with payment plan. sometimes, attorneys will lower their fees for someone in genuine need, but are reluctant to do so if the person is looking for a freebie right off the bat.

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