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How to get ex-wife out of my house?

San Diego, CA |

We have an MSA signed and the judgement completed. We will become "single" people in early November, and according to MSA, she needs to move out of my house by the last day of November. Questions:
1) What should I do if she does not move out according to the date as agreed on MSA?
2) I came back from a business trip and found many items missing from the house. I have pictures for some, but some I don't. How can I reclaim those items (they were not her belogings according to MSA)? Small claim court? More serious actions than that?
3) What do you think i should do to prevent her from stealing more things from the house?

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Attorney answers 1


Given the ethics of your soon to be ex, I would be even more concerned that she does not suddenly accuse you of domestic violence and get you barred from your own home. I have seen it happen. I would move the most valuable items out of there for safe keeping til she is gone and either walk very softly or stay somewhere else until she is gone. This has danger written all over it. You could report the thefts to the police, but that would just tend to escalate the problem, and you are vulnerable here.