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How to get court to order DNA testing on a child that might be mine?

Centralia, WA |

I had been with a woman all most three years ago ,i had moved to alaska and just came back she had a a child she is going throu court coustody with the other man who had sighed a papers that said he was the father but he was in prison the whole time and just gotten out and he got tempory custody the thing is this child could be his or mine i just found out there is a child I want to know if this child is mine or not what court papers do i need to get to ask washington state court to order the other possible father who has the child to take her to get the test done .this child looks more like me and the mother then this other man . i dont have a lot of money but I want to know for sure What do I do? This all so has a lot of medical issues with her kidneys she might need one of mine.

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You need to move quickly to get a court order for genetic testing of the child and the potential fathers of the child. In WA, generally 4 years after the birth of the child, the right of the adults to challenge the parentage of the child likely expires.

If you are the biological father of the child, you will be paying child support for the child.

The mandatory pattern forms for most family law proceedings are free at .

You will need to file a petition with enough information to support that you are potential the biological father of the child.

WA LawHelp may have enough information for you through the free self-help guides. The link is at the court's website.

Likely, you would want to hire an attorney.

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