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How to get an international divorce?

Bella Vista, AR |

I am American and my wife is German. We were married in Germany (2006) but separated in New Zealand in May of 2008. Since August 2008 I have been living in Arkansas with friends and relatives and have been unemployed (i.e. "broke"). I don't even know if my marriage legally exists in the US, but it would certainly be cheaper to get a divorce here than in Germany. We have no children, property, or debts. I am non-military. Are there any special considerations in this situation?

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You can get a divorce in Arkansas, if you have been a resident of Arkansas for at least 60 days. However, with your wife being a German national you MUST make sure that the Hague Convention. You do not want to try to represent yourself in this divorce, and you should make certain that any attorney you hire is familiar with the requirements for service under the Hague Convention.


Yes your marriage "exists" and yes a divorce could be complicated. However, if your wife is willing to be cooperative and there is no property dispute, perhaps she could initiate the divorce whereever she is as the divorce does not have to be done in Arkansas if she is not there.