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How to get a sex offender charge off of your record?

Tampa, FL |

My boyfriend was charged with sexual battery (felony) in 93 he did a year in jail and was put on probation for 3 years in CA.It was never said that he had to register ever.We have moved from there to Texas and he was picked up there for not registering and got bonded out.We just moved here in FL and he was picked up once again for the same thing in Texas (not registering as a sex offender). They now have in him jail for that.I need som3 help!! What can i do to help him get out of this? I have been with him for years and he is a great father to our son and he is good around kids. He is not the man they think he is.Please help Me find some answers.

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Unfortunately there is no chance your boyfriend can "get the conviction off his record". His problem is that he has not registered as required in Texas and now Florida. Under Florida law, any convicted felon, regardless of the charge, is required to register with the local sheriff where he or she resides. The Tampa prosecutor may be convinced to resolve the current charge in a lenient fashion, but only if he registers ASAP..sorry, convicted felons and especially sex offenders will get little leeway in the eyes of the law. Bond him out, get him registered, hire a lawyer and take care of the pending charge. If you wish to discuss further, please call me at 727-822-3700

Robert Heyman, Esq


Mr. Heyman is, unfortunately, correct. It is extremely important that your boyfriend learn the registration requirements here as well as anywhere you travel in the future. While the need to register is bothersome, it simply must be done. Again, as Mr. Heyman says, the prosecutor may go easy on him this time, given the circumstances, but once it is clear he is on notice as having to register they will get more and more strict with him.

Usually, there is a need to register at the sheriff's office as well as the DMV, but you need to consult with a lawyer who has access to his complete record and get specific advice. It is simply not worth going to jail for failing to register yet many people do every day. Particularly pathetic is when they enforce the law against folks with no homes and no income who just get out of jail. They have no transportation or money but are expected to hit two agencies within 48 hours that are often located miles apart. Failure to do so gets them picked up once again, only now they face more jail time because they are now considered to be on notice.

Don't let this happen to you. Your boyfriend needs a lawyer to get this current charge settled, and then he needs to be very alert to the requirements of registration for his particular charge history. I wish you the best of luck.

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