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How to get a loan with a lien and bad credit score?

Allison Park, PA |

I have $175,000 in home equity. My credit score is low. I just finished paying off all credit card settlements recently, that was my only negative debt. Last week I found out I have a judgment against the house from a civil lawsuit for $39,000. I owe $14,000 on my house. How can I go about getting a loan to pay off the judgment and my house? I have a steady income and worked the same job for 13 years.

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I can't offer you advice about how to get a loan other than to look to family and friends, but often old judgment liens can be settled for "pennies on the dollar" when the creditor gets tired of waiting to get paid. Under these circumstances, you might want to see if you can raise $8,000 & begin your offer at $4,000. Hope this perspective helps!



Thank you got answering. The judgement is new and put on by my no hopes of settling. Its frustrating to have the equity but cant get to it to pay the lien off.


Rather than borrowing more money, I suggest that you first contact a Pennsylvania attorney who handles debt negotiation. You may be able to settle this debt for much less than the judgment amount.

Note also that in some cases it is possible to reopen the judgment, if there were errors in service or other issues with the original lawsuit, which may give you some leverage in negotiations.

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The obvious first choice is to check the court records where the suit was filed to determine if you were properly served. If you were not properly served, you may be able to get the judgment vacated and put up a defense to the suit. If you were properly served and failed to answer they probably obtained a default judgment. If the judgment lien against your property is proper, you may want to try to settle with the creditor for a lesser amount. As for trying to get a loan, it appears you have enough equity to get a loan but your credit score is low. If a lender turns you down for a loan because of your credit report, they are supposed to give you a copy. You can also get one free annual credit report from Once you identify the bad credit entries you can dispute them in an attempt to raise your credit score. Keep in mind that every time you apply for a loan, it will drag your score down, so you may want to speak off the record with lenders to determine if you have a chance or not before giving them permission to pull your credit report.

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