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How to get a hold of copyright holders?

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HI, I am trying to start a gaming business. I so far can make the software and the artwork. I can't really make good music nore sound effects.

I would like to know how I can find copyright holders to find music for my game.

This is not just about music. I also want to use trademarks from known business. Since I am trying to make a city simulation game.

I already checked the U.S copyright website and done a online lookup for music I already know to see the copyright holders. So far I found only 8 songs but their where 10 other songs that had no holder information.

So my question is how can you get a hold of copyright holders?

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Each song has two copyrights. The sound recording is owned by the record label, and you can find those SR copyright holders on the U.S. Copyright website. The musical composition (song) is owned by the publisher, and you can look those up on the performing rights society websites: ASCAP. BMI and SESAC. Trademark owners you can look up on the USPTO website.

What you've described is a very ambitious effort, so you should enlist the help of a qualified lawyer to help you.

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