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How to get a child out of foster care

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I had a old cps case in 2008 with my 3 other daughters because my neighbors cross the street called cps on me on lied and said that my 5 year old daughter was in the street and that never happened i had a rude social worker that use to lie on me and make me look bad in court and i did all my service that my social worker wanted me to do and my 3 daughters still got adopted out in june 2010 and i just had a newborn baby 18 days ago and the hospital lied and said to cps i meant harm my newborn because of the old cps case and they said i didn't have a car seat either and that was a lie because the hospital seen my mother with the car seat so the hospital hold my baby in the hospital nusery for 3 days so cps can pick her up and cps keep saying i'm doing drugs and i've never did drugs

opps i only lost my parent rights for those 3 girls only and i never did any drugs or drink and i always passed my drug test every time with my old cps case

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Work closely with your caseworker and do everything she suggests. Follow all requirements of court orders. Listen carefully to your court appointed attorney. Respond to all requests and suggestions of the GAL.

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I have a question, my ex lives in mich, i live in florida, my ex lost my 3 girls to foster care, there supposed to come to me, but courts are treating me like im bad, there foster care worker is treating me is if im bad, need help, need to get my girls back fast, is there any paperwork i can fill out, or emergency paperwork, i even paid for my own home study, like judge asked, is my email. Im looking for a good lawyer, im tired of being scrootenized, ive done nothing wrong but marry a guy from a buddy system town,


Mr. Clement is correct.

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