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How to get a bail of $300,000 reduced? do you have to have a Lawyer.

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person charged with 2 counts manufacture delivery, intent, 2 counts comm by fac, sell non precscribed naroc....also an addtional bail for another case which bail was reduced to $100,000 for gun charge, manf deliver, intent, possession of drugs

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This person must have an experienced criminal defense attorney to deal with bail and all the other issues that arise in drug cases where the person is charged with a felony. The fact that a gun was present calls for mandatory sentencing. This is very serious and a bail reduction is the last of the defendants problem.


They are facing serious criminal charges. They need an experienced defense attorney.


Let me add a bit to Attorney Keller's wise advice. Every defendant who is in jail wants to get out yesterday. In this case, whether the amount is reduced or not, substantial funds will be have to be permanently committed. Unless defendant with assistance from family and friends has limitless funds to respond to these charges, he may find after bond is posted, that there are insufficient funds to hire the kind of experienced drug defense specialist needed. Getting out now can end up helping to insure a long period of incarceration at the case's conclusion. Worth thinking long and hard about.


To add to the previous answers already offering sound advice: it would be a wise approach to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to address bail...among other things.

You should not exhaust all resources to obtain short-term objectives. Such approach fails to consider the big picture and can result in substantial, negative consequences in the long run.

Based upon the facts provided, it appears that the circumstances in the second case referenced may implicate a possible 5 year mandatory minimum sentence based upon the nexus between the gun and drugs. This does not even account for separate weight and/or school zone mandatory minimums that could be present in either or both cases.

Given the severity of the accusations, you should consult with and retain an attorney immediately. If a bail reduction is a reasonable consideration, an attorney will be able to address this issue without blindly compromising the long-term goals of the person accused.

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Yes. A lawyer would file a motion to reduce bail. The court would consider such request in light of whether the government argues that he is a flight risk or a danger to the community.

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