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How to find out if someone has a detainer?

Sweet, ID |

My daughters mom is currently incarcerated in Idaho, she is doing a retained jurisdiction for felony injury to a child. She currently has 2 outstanding warrants in the state of Oregon to show cause why conditional discharge & probation should not be revoked. I have seen the warrants filed in OR although they are just warrants they do not say anything about a detainer. I contacted the OR courthouse & prison where my daughters mom is located, they told me that they cannot give me that info (whether there is a detainer to extradite her from ID to OR following her release from ID) Is there any way to find out if she has a detainer? Her current charges are felony poss of meth and child neglect in OR, will OR charge her for these crimes or will they let her off because she just served time?

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Her lawyer can find out, or she can ask the facility where she is currently held if a detainer has been filed at this point. Even if one has not yet been filed, the fact that there are other charges held by OR can still result in a detainer being filed before her release. If a detainer is filed, she should talk to a lawyer about filing under the Interstate Agreement on Detainers. Last, I doubt if OR will agree to drop the charges 'because she just served time'. Good luck.

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