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How to find out if a person has car insurance.

Sacramento, CA |

my son was in a car driven by his friend. the friend lost control and hit a guard rail. the friend is in the hospital and refuses to say if he is insured. my son has no insurance and needs to see a doctor.

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You may be able to find out if the driver has insurance through the police accident report. Since your son was in the collision, you should easily be able to obtain a copy of the report from the police. If the driver did not have insurance as required by law, he was most likely cited for not having liability insurance, with that information being included in the report. This will not tell you whether the driver had medical coverage (PIP), but will give the proper company to contact to open a claim. You can also let him know you are prepared to hire a lawyer if he will not cooperate with such a simple request.

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In addition to the good advise you received from the other contributor, contact the investigating police officer. He likely received the information from the insurance card. Your insurance company representative should be able to assist. Lastly, most attorneys are able to secure this information. Good luck.


In addition to the previous post, the law requires one involved in an accident to provide insurance information. You should also check to see who the registered owner of the is since they will be the one who would have the insurance on the car. Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney since can help you find out this information.

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