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How to find defendant's current address?

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Somebody caused damage on my car. i filed small claim court, but her address is not current. I need to find her to delivery the document.

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You should hire a private investigator.

Marc Lazarus


There are online services that provide current addresses, or a local lawyer can lexis it.


I agree with my colleagues. There are a number of services on-line.

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There are a variety of online resources to locate a person's address. That being said, if you were injured in the accident, then you may want to consult with a local personal injury attorney to assist you in your case. I am more than willing to help you move your case further. Best of luck.
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You can get the information from many online sources. However if you have a personal injury case you should consider hiring an attorney to handle.


Your first step is check the California Rules of Civil Procedure and see what is required for you to make service. You might be required to use a county sheriff's office or private process serving may be allowed.

To find a Defendant there are many avenues to explore. Social media can be very helpful. If the Defendant has a Facebook or Twitter account, that could reveal their address. Just try Googling the the Defendant's name as well. Look her up under the White Pages, and sites like Manta, and MyLife can also be helpful. You can also check voting records or make a freedom of information request with the United States Post Office which can tell you whether the address is current or not. If all of these fail you will need to hire a private investigator.

If you do all this and the Defendant is still not found, the rules of Civil Procedure in California may authorize you to file a motion for alternate or substituted service and serve the Defendant via posting or certified mail.

Hope this is helpful.


Call an attorney who does car accidents. They will recommend a local private investigator.

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