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How to fill out Affidavit of Service- to serve someone

Seattle, WA |

Snohomish county District Court. I had someone served. The server didn't know what to put at the bottom for address- Their home address? Or does it need to be filled out? Bottom Right:

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That is the place for the server's address.


Where was the person served.

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There's a different address of service for that.


This affidavit of service form is not very good. As an affidavit, it would need to be notarized but no notary signature block is provided. If it were considered as an unsworn declaration under RCW 9A.72.085 it would have to recite that it was true under penalty of perjury. But as to how to fill out the form, both previous answers are correct. On line 3 you would put the address where the defendant was served. At the bottom you would put the server's address.

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