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How to file I-912 fee waiver?

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I am filing 1-130, I-485, I-864 . For my 1-130 and I-485 my husband will be paying it but for my 2 minor kids who are living outside USA..i am filing them I-130 per each together with I-912 fee waiver. I am filing I-912 fee waiver because of financial harship. My husband's pass the poverty quidelines which is above 125% but he just submit the I-864 to be sure that the form will not be coming back and forth again to ask for additional information. My question is: 1. where will i mail the I-912 together with the 1-130 for my kids? will it be together with my application of my concurrent filing?

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if you read the instructions for form I-912 you will see that the form may not be used in conjunction with an application or petition that requires a person financially qualify - have a sponsor with an income of 125% over the poverty line.

The instructions also provide you with the mailing address.


your best be will be to wait to start on the kids after you getyour green card. however you send the 912 with the I130 only.

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Atty. Thomas it will be my husband who will petition my kids not me since I am still going to submit my I 130, I-485 together with my minor kids I-130 with the fee waiver I-912. Supposedly, me and my husband agreed that my 2 minor kids living outside USA are to be followed 2 to 3 months after the submission of my forms. He is willing to petition my 2 kids but the problem is, my 2 kids are being verbally abused by my mom there and my uncle. Everytime, I called them up in our country, both of them are crying because of what my mom and uncle did to them. Thats why, my husband decided to petiton them but thru i 912 fee waiver on their i-130 together with the submission of my i 130 and i 485 here. The fee waiver goes to for my kids i-130 but my i-130 and i 485, my husband will pay for it. We feel worried to the kids coz my eldest told me that she don't want anymore to stay in mom's house and my youngest son, is always out of the house to his neighboring friends and go home late coz of their grandma who always verbally abused them and my uncle. Thats why my husband decided to petiton them using the i 912 for financial hardship coz we rented a new apartment for both of us, buy some new furnitures, open an account, school for my kids since he is the one shouldering the expenses of my kids tuition fee in school plus child care. Would this be proper for my husband to do this?