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How to file for divorce?

San Antonio, TX |

Im trying to file for divorce and i gotten divorce forms off the Internet but was wanting to know which form i need and where to send them and is getting them online okay

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In Bexar County (San Antonio) the courts and the clerks do not provide forms. They are prohibited from giving legal advice. In some counties in the state you can buy form packets from the law library. If you have no children and no property you can probably do your own divorce by following the online instructions. However, if you and your spouse have kids or you have jointly owned real estate or retirement earned during the marriage, I strongly urge you to consult an attorney to make sure everything is done properly.
That being said, Bexar County also has a staff attorney and clerks who review paperwork to make sure everything is in order before the final hearing. I don't know if they review the initial paperwork.

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If you are getting them online from the Court's website there should be instructions. If you go to the Court, you can usually purchase a divorce packet which will have instructions.

Good luck. But it may serve you will to buy an hour of time from an attorney and have them reviewed, you dont need the most expensive person in town.

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Who knows what kind of forms you got and whether they are correct? If you don't have money to hire an attorney, check into your local legal aid clinics in your area.