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How to File/Contest a Living Trust

Morristown, AZ |

My father passed away, I waited as per my brother for 1 year to handle assests now he comes up with a Living Trust and takes all Properties and Money. How can I contest trust without an attorney, its hard to find an attorney on contingency.

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Although you are writing from Arizona, I am assuming that the living trust and your brother are in Michigan. It is very difficult for you to contest the trust yourself when you are living out of state. Feel free to call me Monday and I would be glad to talk with you about the situation, and whether it makes sense to contest the trust.

Glenn R. Matecun
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If you do not have a copy of the trust, request in writing that he send you a copy. Once you have a copy, you can file a trust contest with the probate court for less than $300.00, just like a will contest. You need to show your father was incompetent or unduly influenced. Was he in the hospital? On mind altering medication? Easily tricked or confused? Under the sole control of your brother? Once you file your petition, The court will hold an evidentiary hearing and decide if you have proven what you are claiming.
Paying for a short consult with a qualified attorney can help you identify a valid basis to contest the trust, if there is one.