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How to file an appeal for a traffic court conviction?

Larned, KS |

I had a women go to the police station and file a police report complaining about that one day I was improperly passing cars. The DA charged me with improper passing with no evidence just the womens word and her mother's when I went to court the could not even say it was me for sure. The judge still convicted me. I think this was so unfair and the complaint knew everyone cause she testifed in court her husband was an EMT in town. I want to appeal this but the court won't tell me how and I think I am running out of time.

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First, I do not practice law in Kansas, so I am not suggesting what the law in Kansas is on this topic. There are typically certain procedures that must be followed in order to file a proper appeal from any court decision. I would suggest that you discuss this matter with an attorney in your state immediately in order to be sure the proper procedures are followed in time so that you do not lose any potential right you might have to appeal from the court's decision.

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