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How to file a workmans comp claim

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I got hurt on april the 9th at work , i told my boss and went to the doctor and i got work restrictions until today. I went to a nerosurgen today and the took my off work today and told me i would be off a while, im going to have to have hand surgery. well the question is .. how do i start collecting workmans comp checks.. i took the doctor report to my boss today.. and the next question is will workman comp back up and pay me from april 9th and pay me or will the start paying me from today when the dock took me off work.

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If you were a civilian Federal Employee when you were hurt, the first thing to do is to file a Notice of Traumatic Injury on Form CA 1. COP is paid for the first 45 days and then wage loss compensation after you file the CA 7.

If you hurt your hand and you will have to undergo surgery, there will probably be permanent partial impairment and that means a schedule award once you reach maximum medical improvement.

For Federal Employees who are injured in the performance of duty, the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs will administer your claim. Make sure the OWCP pre approves the surgery. The law that the OWCP administers is called the Federal Employees' Compensation Act and can be found at 5 USC 8107 et seq.

You have not provided enough information for me to know if you will be paid retroactively. I suggest you contact a union steward or a local attorney. Do not delay. There is a statute of limitations involved.

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