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How to fight CPS??

Lovelady, TX |

I was recently reported to CPS. The allegations were physical abuse, physical neglect, and neglectful supervision. All were "ruled out." I am very frustrated that CPS won't tell me who called, even though when I hinted at who possibly called, they didn't deny it. Because of the report, I cannot work around children (I'm going to school to be a teacher). I want to erase it from my record, but if I do, it will be destroyed. I want to know my legal rights to finding out who called. I want to take them to court, but how do I go about doing that???

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Are you sure that you cannot work around children because of a report to CPS that was ruled out? My understanding is that if you have an assault CONVICTION or deferred adjudication (or similar offense) then you cannot work around children. Seems to me that since CPS ruled out any of the allegations, that would work in your favor.

You are not entitled to know who made the report - it is kept confidential.

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