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How to fight a speeding ticket in a school zone?

Kansas City, MO |

I got caught in a speed trap in a school zone along with many other people. The zone was not well marked (i.e no flashing lights, and children were not present) and the officer wrote the wrong license plate number down on the ticket. What is the best way to fight this or do I just suck it up and pay the fine?

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Hello there,

You can either hire an attorney that specializes in traffic ticket or you can show up to court request a jury trial and try the case your self.

Maybe you will get lucky and the officer won't show up for court.


Erick Platten


It may be wise to consult with a local qualified attorney. The State has to prove that it was, in fact, a school zone where you were driving. Also, there may be an issue with the fact he wrote the wrong license plate on the ticket. If the money and potential license and insurance points are of no concern to you then you should just pay the ticket otherwise you should go to court and fight it on your own or consult with an attorney. In certain jurisdictions there different rules regarding whether school zone penalties apply when school is out of session or not conducting regular activities.

Best of luck.

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In Missouri, you have the right to a trial in municipal court but not a jury trial. If you are found guilty in municipal court you can appeal to the circuit court, where you are entitled to a jury trial. If you think that the city can't prove the case based on the facts, the only way to fight a ticket is by having a trial. The problem is trials are expensive and can go sideways on you. Most municipalities in the Kansas City metro area will amend speeding tickets to non-moving violations if you pay a hirer fine. To do so in Missouri, you must have an attorney represent you. The benefit of having the ticket amended is that it will not add points to your license and it will also not raise your insurance rates. Either way, I would recommend you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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