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How to fight a false allegation of sexual assault?

Philadelphia, PA |

My husband was accused of sexual assault by his seventeen year old cousin. The allege assault happen ten years ago according the the cousin. My husband wasn't living at the place she is claiming the assault happen. When she did come over it was seven years ago and she was with her older sister, four cousins, and my husband ex girl. She claim she been attacked and rape. Her sister and my husband said it never happen. DHS tells my husband his record will have child abuse of it until she turns 21. They made their decision before talking to him. They said the story is consistant although her sister and his story is alike. This rape story is extremely crazy and this is not her first time crying rape. My husband and I are worried he be arrest soon, will that happen?

She is in a detention center now.

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Take action immediately by consulting with and retaining a criminal defense attorney. All too often an individual who is the subject of a criminal investigation will wait until charges are filed before seeking assistance. Timing is critical. You must learn your rights and protect those rights.

Your husband should not speak with anyone (police or anyone else) about this case until he talks with a criminal defense attorney. This is not the time to assert his innocence. Rather, he must contact an attorney who can advise him of the best course of action.


There are two primary issues: a child welfare child abuse related investigation and 2.) a criminal prosecution for child abuse related crimes. The outcome of a child abuse investigation is either "unfounded" or "indicated." In order to be indicated for child abuse, the perpetrator must be a caretaker or live in the same household as victim child. An indicated finding of abuse will remain in the statewide database known as Childline. When indicated, the child's name will remain in the database until the child is 21, but if the perpetrator's i.d., d.o.b. and social security # are known to the state, his name will remain indefinitely. Childline is accessible only to employers who employ those who work with children. Once indicated, you only have 45 days to appeal it to DPW.

This will be a stressful and very expensive process. Good luck. Hire an attorney immediately.

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