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How to fight a domestic violence charge in family court?

Paducah, KY |

I just recent lost custody of my little boy(6 months) after raising him on my own since he was born. the father used a claim of a domestic against me from a former relation. what can I do to try and get 50/50 equal time sharing.

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The facts you raise in your question are not enough to directly answer this question. However, a custody determination in domestic violence court does not necessarily preclude filing of an action in circuit court. If you have already had a hearing in circuit or paternity court on custody, your only recourse may be to file an appeal. If you wish to do that, you must act quickly as the time in which to file an appeal is very limited.


Sorry to hear that. You need to hire an attorney. You should look up you state law so you clearly know the factors of custody. You need to find out when you can seek a modification of parenting time.

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