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How to ended emotional abusive marriage with my husband?

Devon, PA |

we are married for about 10 years , have 2 girls 4 y and y old , i am a legal resident of U . S . A . our marriage never was a cherry on a pie , but we stayed together anyway . over few years things was getting worse . i stayed in that toxic bond because of the kids , maybe i wanted to fix it because of them but you cant fix something its so damaged , the main thing is that he likes alcohol . . . he was never interested in being with his family most of the time when he was home i took Marika for a walk so she cant hear his fighting me over things so natural for him to do just being a father . . . when i always was trying to talk to him he just turn me away , he would rather go for a drink than spend time with us . 2nd child the same story + neglecting me putting blame on me , curse , controlled me

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You should seriously consider meeting with a family law attorney to address your options for divorce, custody, and support.

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Since you have young children, it is crucial that you meet with an experienced family law attorney for an explanation of your rights. You are going to need to decide whether it will be in your best interests to file for divorce, custody, support, etc. and you will need legal guidence to start the process. if he has an alcohol abuse problem, you may need to have him evaluated so that you have protections for the children in any custody arrangement. Also, family counseling may be helpful.

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It appears there are many issues to address. You should consult with an attorney.

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At this point in time, it appears that you have done what you can to keep your marriage intact but unfortunately it takes two people. From what you have written, It seems that the environment is harmful both to you and your children. You can file for divorce and custody of your children. If you would like to discuss your situation in more depth, feel free to contact me. I can be reached at 610-975-9898.

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Getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship when there are children involved and there are possible immigration issues is a difficult step but I am glad to see that you are doing what you can to protect the children and yourself. See a family law lawyer, in Chester County, if you can and review your options and plan. Once you have had a chance to make some decisions and plans, you can move forward with your life. You may need help, but other women have been able to change their lives and you can too.

Feel free to call my office if you want to discuss this further.

Penelope A. Boyd

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