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How to effectively & successfully sue Auto transmission shop and demand refund?

Phoenix, AZ |

Hello. Thinking about bringing a lawsuit against a transmission shop because they failed to properly repair my transmission. About a year ago, I took the car to have the transmission fixed, and the shop guaranteed not to worry about anything. Well, within a few months, the transmission was acting up again, and I took it to them. Needless to say, i took the vehicle back 3 days and the car is still not fixed properly. Plus, they refuse to disclose what parts they used or where the parts came from, only provided hand written notes of what parts were used. I think this is a case of negligence. What is the statue of limitation here and on what basis could I sue? They took 3500 from me and the car is still unsafe to drive. They keep telling me to bring it back, but nothing gets fixed ever.

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First, this may or may not be a fraud case. It could just be a breach of contract or breach of warranty case. To prevail on any type of case, you will have to show that the mechanic did not repair the car correctly. That will take an expert. You should call Hyung Choi 480.517.1400. He can help you understand where you are and what you need to do.

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