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How to divorce my husband who doesnt want to divorce me?

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My husband was seeing another woman so I left him because he was mentally abusive to me. He took our son because I dont have anybody who can take care of him while I'm at work and also I can't afford a daycare. He's living with the woman that he was seeing till today and won't divorce me. I asked him to do uncontested divorce but he refused.

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If your husband is refusing to file an uncontested divorce with you, then you would need to file as a contested divorce. He cannot prevent you from divorcing him. During the course of the divorce action the parties will be "encouraged" by the court to reach an agreement, at least to as much as possible. Matters that cannot be agreed upon will be handle by the court at trial.

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You need to file a complaint for divorce, along with several other documents including a certified copy of your marriage. You need to keep copies of everything you file. You need to ask the court for a summons, and serve a copy of what you file and what you receive from the court to your husband. Keep copies of everything you send to your husband. That is how the process starts.

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