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How to dissolve parental rights with non-custodial absent parent?

Lancaster, MA |

My son is 12 and his biological father has had zero relationship with him since birth. My fiance would like to adopt him and my son wishes for the same. He has taken all responsibility for my son for the past 5+ years. The non-custodial parent lives out of state and would most likely terminate his rights if it meant he would not have to pay almost 30k in back child support. Nice guy there.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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You and your boyfriend would have to file a Petition for Adoption and give your son's biological father notice of the Petition for Adoption. The biological father then has the opportunity to object to the adoption, or not. If he does not object, you can go through with the adoption. If he objects, you can litigate the adoption (and/or seek back child support)

Is there an open child support order, or are you referring to how much the biological father would owe if you filed for child support? Please note that if the biological father owes almost $30,000 in back child support, you do have the opportunity to file a Complaint for Contempt against him.

I would suggest contacting an attorney to discuss this.

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