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How to dispute a speeding ticket?

Green Bay, WI |

I received a speeding ticket in Brown County, WI. And I live out of state. I was driving on cruise control at 70MPH. The legal speed limit was 65MPH. And on the ticket, it stated that I was driving at 75MPH. When I requested for proof that I went at 75MPH, the patrol did not show. How can I dispute this by mail?

Thanks so much for your advice.

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Hello there,

You can't dispute this by mail.

You need to request a jury trial.


Erick Platten

Christopher Lyle Kuehn

Christopher Lyle Kuehn


Mr. Platten should review the laws of barratry and the concept of practicing law without a license, as clearly he is not licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin and is generally wrong.


There should be boxes on the top of the citation, if checked for mandatory appearence, you would need to attend, though for a speeding ticket I would be shocked if that were checked. There may also be a pretrial date, as I recall there is a specific state trooper assigned to those, (if it is a State Patrol Case). You should contact the District Attorneys office, explain your situation and see if you can get some form of a reduction. Unless you feel you want to fight the ticket, otherwise you are entitled to a bench trial (possible jury if you pay the fee).

This communication does not create an attorney client relationship, and I am only providing general advice, not legal advice.

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