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How to determine building zoning codes in WA state

Enumclaw, WA |

I live in Washington How do I find out what my building zoning code is

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This will be part of the city or county municipal code for the locality in which the building is sited.


Enumclaw is an incorporated city within King County. The King County website is at and the links to the property rules are there. If you are within the city limits, there is an additional layer of rules. The maps will help you figure out what your zoning issues are. Hope this helps - Elizabeth Powell


Are you asking about building code or zoning code? They are two different things. Zoning codes tell you how you can use the property and what you can build. Building codes tell you how you must build it. In either case, you need to contact the appropriate jurisdiction. If the property is within the city limits of Enumclaw, the city code applies. Otherwise, the King County Code. You should probably start with their websites, both of which include zoning maps:

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