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How to defend myself against false domestic violence accusations?

Monmouth Junction, NJ |

My ex boyfriend from over 6 months ago has filed a restraining order against me. We have to return to court next week for the hearing where judge decides if its legit for a permanent one or not. Everything my ex says on the order are completely false accusations. All he claims is that since we broke up I've called & emailed him numerous times threatening him. He is really trying to make me look like so crazy harasser and I am not that at all. I have barely even seen or spoken to the kid in months.
I guess my question is, I have to defend myself in a couple of days against this liar, and i just want to know what type of things I need to have with me, or need to say to let the judge know the accusations are false.?

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First of all, staying away from him should not be an issue. The real problem is being arrested for coming too close to him.If you were a male, I would advise hiring an attorney,but my experience in NJ is that the woman is almost always believed. Simply state the truth that since the breakup you have not tried to contact him. If he is computer literate, he might have made up some e mails which would appear to come from you. Be ready for that.
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Assuming that this matter has not yet been resolved, be prepared to challenge the factual basis. If he says that you have contacted him by either phone or email, there will be records (not just printed out emails) of the telecommunications provider through which the communications were made. Request that the Court require him to obtain those to support his assertions. Alternatively, ask for the authorization for you to get those records from his provider if he is unwilling to do the work necessary to support his claim. This will underline to the Court that his proofs are deficient. Good luck.

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