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How to correct the mistake on a deed? The legal description Lot 1 & 2 as Address 15 & 16 (correct) & 17 (on another lot )

Riverside, CA |

And when the mistake was found after the owner passed away, who can correct it and how? Executor or beneficiary or court or title company?

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Great question--you have highlighted the key players. The answer will depend on specific information within your purchase documents, deed, and title insurance package, and the state of any estate proceedings. If an estate is involved, it is important to move quickly.

The attorney will probably want to review the entire deed, the purchase agreement, the title policy with any endorsements, and any information you have received from the estate. Then, your attorney will likely plot a course. Most attorneys will seek to resolve title and deed issues, with amicable parties, outside of court. And, if a corrective deed is involved, your attorney will help navigate supplemental title insurance.

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