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How to complain the instructor of supervised visitation?

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I have been in supervised visitation for 2 years and 3 months.

The supervisor was writing letters to the court several issues:
1. did not watch out toy age adequacy to my son.
2. I did not follow her advise to set limit to my child's activity such as when my son got sleepy he began to attack other child. What hell is this theory?
3. I had no response to my child's activity. This is obviously lying.

I want to write a motion to the judge to change this supervisor for several reasons:
1. the supervisor's organization is closed last year for their budget issue. I want my son to be supervised by some currently active organization.
2. She told me more than 3 times not going to court since it is wasting of time and money. She told me she sets up the rule in the court.
3. Her report is not true

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If the agency was assigned by the court, but the individual was not, you could always request informally that the agency change the instructor. If the individual in particular was assigned by the court, you would need to motion the court to have him or her removed.

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The supervisor is assigned by court since she was be with my son since the 1st day of supervised visitation. I do not trust this organization either since they are officially closed and the director told me he set up the? rules to the court. Who can say that in this democracy country?


The mechanics of what you have to do is dependent on what the present court order states. It probably indicates what facility you will have the supervised visitation at and it’s unlikely it specifies an individual. Why don’t you make arrangements to change the time so you can go do your visits when a different supervisor is present. If your supervised visitation has been successful and you have completed 2 years and three months of it, it seems like it would be time to petition the court for unsupervised visitation. Although, I am unaware of any of the background facts. Perhaps you have a relative that your ex would be comfortable with you having supervised visit with like a sister, mother, etc.

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