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How to clear up a bench warrant without getting arrested?

Orange, CA |

My friend got a DUI and a drug possession charge about 3 years ago. He completed all of the required courses and paid about 1/2 of the money due. He has bench warrants out with two seperate courts for unpaid money - about $2100.00. He wants to go into court to make a payment toward each amount (he doesn't have the full $2100.00 due) but is afraid that he will be put in jail due to not complying with the money due and having the warrants out for about a year or so. The initial reason he didn't pay is that he was unemployed for at least 6 months and had to move about 60 miles away from court location(s) and had no transportation due to revoked license from original DUI. Is there a good possibility he would be arrested by either court?

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Attorney answers 3


He needs to go in with an attorney and have them quash the warrants and work out a payment plan.

Feel free to contact my office with any questions, I am unclear about the entire situation. How many bench warrants does he have.

Elliot Zarabi


His best chance is to hire an attorney to appear in court and explain the situation. The more money he can put towards the full fees and fines will also be very beneficial.
Robert Driessen


The clerk's office won't accept payments on a case that has gone to warrant. The warrant will have to be recalled by the judge before anything else can be done on the case.

Your friend can consult with a local attorney to discuss getting the warrant recalled (hopefully without your friend ever having to appear in court) and getting back on a payment plan he can stick with - or converting the fine to community service if possible.