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How to cite a partial transcript in legal brief?

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Hi there,

I'm fighting a divorce case in pro per and I need to prepare a post trial brief as ordered by court. I have requested a "partial" transcript for about 1/4th of the day. Rest of the issues on which we testified were settled by end of day and judge doesn't have to make any decision.

This transcript has testimony of the witness, some of which I would like to cite in the legal brief. I was wondering how do you cite a partial transcript, so judge can understand what I'm talking about? I know generally you can cite something like "(Tr. 13:9, Mar. 16, 2009.)" But in this case I don't have th transcript for whole day it starts with partial day?

Thanks a lot!

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General practice is to include the transcript - the partial transcript in your case - with the brief.

Citation is by page and line; i.e., Page 27, lines 17 through 21.

The foregoing is for general information purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.