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How to check if an out of Status F1 student has a NTA ?

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I have been out of status for 3 years and would like to know if an NTA has been issued under my name. I found DHS number to check that out.
If NTA has not been issued, will checking for NTA by providing your alien number risk you from getting a new NTA?

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No, rest assured merely checking whether or not you had a court hearing scheduled or are otherwise in the immigration court's calendar system will not tigger the issuance of an NTA.

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You may check the EOIR system using your A# and it will not trigger action by DHS.



I agree with my colleagues. Calling the hotline to determine whether an NTA has been filed with the court does not cause DHS to come looking for you. However, you should be aware that the hotline only tells you whether an NTA has bee filed with the Court, not whether one has been issued. I have seen cases where it has taken DHS over a year to file an issued NTA with the Court. If your NTA has been filed with the Court, I highly recommend retaining experienced immigration counsel to facilitate your defense.


Hi! You should first call the 800 court number and see if there is any information with regards to your A number. However, just because you are not in the system does not mean that you weren't issued an NTA. You could have been issued an NTA that was never prosecuted. You could also file a FOIA and see if something pops. Good luck!

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