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How to cancel a permanent resident card if she lie to the goverment about family issue?

Bradenton, FL |

My wife have permanent residant card and she just got it months ago and I'm a US citizen and I will like to cancel her resident card. How can I cancel her card?

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It isn't up to you to cancel you wife's card. Her immigration status is not something that you control. If she committed fraud to receive her legal permanent residence then you can report benefit fraud to ICE. Reporting your wife and trying to get her into trouble with immigration will not fix any problems in your marriage and it does not result in an automatic termination of your marriage. You will still need to get a divorce if that is the path you are taking. It also will not result in cancelling criminal charges against you if that is the issue. I'm not saying that is that case, but I often see people with pending domestic violence charges wanting to have their spouses removed thinking that the charges will then be dropped.

If you want more information on how, why, and when you should report marriage fraud you can see my guide.

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