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How to calculate my current income for an i-864 form?

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I am not sure how to calculate my current income for an i-864 form as my situation has changed a few times this year. I was unemployed for six months after being laid off . I began working for The another society on May 14th of this year for minimum wage($7.25), received a $1.25 raise Oct. 1 but had just applied and interviewed for another position in the same facility and was hired for that position at the rate of $12.00 an hour beginning Oct. 29th. Can you please advise as to what formula to use to calculate my current income?
Thank you

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current means current, now. If you are having trouble, consider hiring a lawyer to assist you.


Take your current, full-time, hourly rate and multiply it by 2,080 hours per year.

But, you may have problems with the I-864 ... they will want to look at your tax returns.

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Your rate * the number of hours per week you work * 52

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Brng a copy of your 2011 Form 1040 Tax Return, all your various W=2's, a fresh employment verification from your current employer, indicating position, hourly salary, on the company letterhead, signed by HR Manager or Person In Charge for these matters and also your length of employment there, and three (3) of your most recent pay stubs. Typically, you enter your AGI-Adjusted Gross Income, i.e. net taxes usually on line 36 on o your form 1040 as your income.