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How to bring my Brazilian wife to usa.

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I am a usa citizen, i have been married to a brazilian woman since feb. 2005. I would like to bring her to usa. But because of health problems will need her brother to sponser her. what is the best, easiest way to do this? thank you.

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Someone has to file an I-130 on her behalf. If you file, as her spouse, she would be able to immediately get a visa and green card under section 201(b) of the INA. If her brother files for her, then she is a fourth preference applicant and it will be years before the priority date of the application comes current. It would be much, much better for you to petition. You should talk with an immigration attorney about this, and explain why you think you can't file for her.

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You should petition her for a green card, and get a co-sponsor for the affidavit of support.

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As the other attorneys state, you must petition her with an I-130 and have her brother be a joint sponsor.


You never stated your brother-in-law's status. Is he a US citizen, or lawful permanent resident?

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