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How to bring my boyfriend to the U.S legally?

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Hi, I have a boyfriend that lived in the U.S and received his license middle school and GED diploma, ITTIN number. He came to the US as a child with a touristic visa. He know is in mexico and we have a daughter that's almost 2. Is their any way he can come back on his own without me sponsoring him. This is because I don't work and I don't have anybody to sponser him. Is their any visa or anything he can get or will it all be denied because he has a license here in the U.S.?

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Consult with an immigration attorney. You don't have to sponsor him per say, so long as someone that is eligible does. There are various categories of family members that may sponsor him (including both USC and LPRs). The facts here need to be deciphered and analyzed.

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I agree an immigration lawyer is a big expense but he sounds eligible under the Dream Act.

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