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How to become a permanent resident after marriage?

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My husband and I just recently got married. He is not a US citizen but has been living here in the US for 15 years. He came here on a school visa. Now his papers are not valid and he needs to become a US citizen to keep a job. We don't have much money And we like to know exactly how to do all the paperwork and how much it will cost. He also lost his I 94 form

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It would be very important for you and your husband to consult with an experienced immigration attorney about the case. It appears that he might be eligible to apply for permanent residence while remaining in the United States, but you would need to go over all the facts and history of his time in the United States, and other issues, to know for sure. Best of luck to you.

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Congratulations on your recent marriage! Based on your comments, it does appear your husband will have opportunities available to him to obtain a valid immigration status as a result of his marriage to you. However, the specific options will depend on his specific immigration history. I recommend you contact an experienced immigration attorney to analyze your husband's current immigration history, and by doing so, they would be able to clearly lay out the available options for you.


I am sorry you cannot afford a private attorney. See if one of the free legal service offices would take your case.

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Not having an experienced immigration lawyer represent your husband might be one of the most costly mistakes you make. There is good reason why immigration lawyers exist, and why people retain immigration lawyers.

Hiring an immigration lawyer may be more affordable than you think. Credit card payments are accepted by many offices, and payment plans are not uncommon. Please visit the link for more information about our law firm.

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