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How to argue against disobeying a stop sign?

Westland, MI |

Last Saturday I got a ticket for disobeying a stop sign. The reason why I want to argue is because I did stop, and I think the reason why the policeman didn't see me stop was because he parked far away in another corner of the intersection, and the trees and fence obscure his vision. When I crossed the intersection, I saw him and slowed down, so he only saw me slowing down, then he gave me that ticket. I'm afraid to argue with him because I do not have any strong evidence, which may cause me fail in this debate. Could you please suggest me how to do this? I really don't want lose my points for I'm right now under a background check for a new position, which needs a total clean history on me. By the way, I'm a international student holding F-1 visa. Thank you very much!

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Fight the case. You may be able to established where he was parked. Take some photos of where he was and where you stopped. There's your evidence.

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Fight the ticket. I am a true believer in fighting when I did nothing wrong.



Thank you David!


It's your word against the police officer.



Thank you very much!

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