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How to appeal a decision from Blair County Courthouse

Altoona, PA |

I have been dealin with a custody battle with my ex since 2007. My children have been neglected, abused mentally, physically, and even sexually while in his 'care'. For 15 months he just quit seeing them all together. When CYS was called in to investigate me due to my daughters tantrums and outbursts (she has bipolar, adhd, ptsd, depression, anxiety). the case is gonna b unfounded, he used it as grounds to try and take custody. at the hearing, out of the blue the judge decided to severe all contact with my kids and my father (i dont understand why), and gave visits to my ex, unsupervised. my kids are 12 and 15 and are afraid of their father and dont wish to see him. and this decisions is negativly affecting my daughters progress in therapy. what can i do?

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You should consult with and retain an attorney. An appeal must be perfected within 30 days of a final order.