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How to answer question number 19 on form I-864EZ sponsoring my husband?

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I only filed taxes last year but not the previous two years because I was a full-time student with loans, grants, and no income. I have been working full-time since November 2012 at the same company. I have the IRS transcripts for 2012 filing and e-stubs but employer does not provide employment letters. I got a raise two months ago from $11.25 to $13. My annual income until now is around $18300.

Please tell me what other information that needs to be given to fully answer question 19. Thank you.

Thank you very much; I am pretty sure that by the end of the year the minimum financial requirements will be met. My annual income will exceed the $20 000. can I file I-864 instead?

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I recommend that you do not use the EZ ... and that you talk to an attorney about the possible need for a financial co-sponsor.

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You don't make enough to sponsor your husband, unfortunately. You'll need to get a joint sponsor. Talk to a lawyer about the requirements.


You need to indicate 0 for the years you did not work. It may be best to not use the I-864EZ. I would encourage you to consult an experienced immigration attorney about the matter.

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You need to have an attorney assist you unless you want to risk your case taking a very long time.

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Yes. You can file an I-864. However, since you do not currently meet the federal income requirements, you will also need a joint sponsor. Consult with an immigration attorney who will be able to assist you with the process and make sure all your documentation is filed correctly.

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Your tax return needs to show $19387 to sponsor your spouse.

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Yes, you will need to file the I-864 and you will need a joint sponsor because you do not have the required 3 years of income tax returns.